Solution of Parts product

Internal lattice structures never before possible can be realized.

V8 engine block

V8 engine block

Machine used:LUMEX Avance-60
Material:Matsuura Aluminum Si10Mg


Parts with a complicated internal structure, hollow light-weight parts, large-sized parts such as engine blocks, etc., can be produced.

lattice structures

Large Capacity・High Speed

1 kW fiber laser provided as standard
Not only upsizing but also speedup available thanks to improved power distribution speed

Work volume:3,590cc
Build speed:40cc/h

Work Size


When manufacturing parts that require cutting processes on a machining center, the datum surface and base block necessary for such processes can also be built and machined, which reduces the setup time and costs, thereby shortening the lead time drastically.


Solution of Mold Manufacture

Manufacturing highly advanced molds in a single process.

Waterproof Connector

Waterproof Connector

Machine used:LUMEX Avance-25
Material:Matsuura Maraging Ⅱ

Injection molding cycle time reduction

Integrated cooling channels can be created internally on any componentor mold. Compared to conventional post process cooling channels, these channels exhibit far superior and efficient cooling, contributing to a significant reduction in injection molding time.

Injection molding cycle time reduction by 33%

3D water channels

Integrated one piece mold production

Even complicated molds can be manufactured in one piece,thus eliminating assembly and adjustment, and making it possible to produce molds with no dimensional errors that may be caused by conventional assembly processes.

Integrated one piece mold production

Reduction in lead time from design to finish

The LUMEX series can produce molds in one piece and eliminates the need for EDM, assembly or adjustment. In addition, the time required for design and CAM processing can be shortened drastically. Even with deep-ribbed molds, the design time is reduced by approx. 53%, CAM time by 90%, and manufacture time by 83%. In total, a 50% reduction in mold production time is achieved compared with conventional methods.


  • 驚きの造形機能 LUMEX Avance-25の特徴
  • サンプルワーク
  • 新たな成形ソリューションを提供
  • 金属光造形複合加工とは?

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