Specification of LUMEX Series

3D cooling water channelsHOLLOW

Integrated cooling channels can be created internally on any component or mold. Compared to conventional post process cooling channels, these channels exhibit far superior and efficient cooling, contributing to a significant reduction in injection molding time.

Injection molding cycle time reduction by 33%

3D cooling water channels

Weight Reduction


Weight-trimming by 44% compared with conventional parts is achieved by designing the disc with a spoke-shaped mesh structure and hollow blades.
This design is possible only with additive manufacturing by laser sintering.

  • Brisk CG
  • Brisk Spork Model

Deep ribsNO-EDM

Deep ribs and thin ribs are created with high precision by the hybrid AM process. Mold manufacture without EDM is possible.

  • [ Deep ribs(L/D > 17)]

    [Deep ribs(L/D > 17)]

  • [ Thin ribs(L/D > 24)]

    [ Thin ribs(L/D > 24)]

Porous structurePOROUS

Air permeability can be controlled freely by creating a porous structure, simply by adjusting the density of the built part. This achieves gas venting more effectively than any other machine. Users can expect the reduction of resin filling time, prevention of uneven filling, and elimination of gas burning.

Porous structure

Custom Made3D-MESH

【Mesh structure】
Mesh structures can be used and designed with flexibility to match that of the surrounding bone.

Mesh structure01

Mesh structure02

Near-net shape

Parts that conventionally needed to be split into multiple pieces can be manufactured in one piece on the LUMEX, achieving a considerable reduction in weight. The amount of waste produced can also be reduced, which reduces environmental impact.

Near-net shape

Near-net shape


  • 驚きの造形機能 LUMEX Avance-25の特徴
  • サンプルワーク
  • 新たな成形ソリューションを提供
  • 金属光造形複合加工とは?

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