Reliable Specifications.

The LUMEX Series consists of Matsuura's time-proven machining center combined
with a metal laser sintering function.
The specifi cations of the LUMEX Series realize high-speed, high-precision machining.



NEW!   Metal Laser Sintering
Hybrid Milling Machine

LUMEX Avance-25

Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Milling Machine

LUMEX Avance-60

Laser oscillator Yb fiber laser Yb fiber laser
Laser Power?:W 400  Standard
500  Option
1000  Option
1000  Standard
500  Option
Max. Work Size: mm W256×D256×H185
W256×D256×H300  Option
Spindle Speed:min-1 45,000  Standard 45,000  Standard
Travel(X/Y/Z):mm 260/260/100 610/610/100
Feed Rate(X/Y/Z):m/min 60/60/30 60/60/30
NC System

I-Tech Advance

I-Tech Advance


High-speed SpindleLUMEX Avance-25

The LUMEX Avance-25 incorporates Matsuura's time-proven high-speed, high-rigidity (Grease Lubrication) that rotates at 45,000 min-1 and a 1/10 taper special BT20 tool shank.

LUMEX Avance-25

Tool magazineLUMEX Avance-25

The LUMEX Avance-25 incorporates a tool magazine that can accommodate 20 milling tools. The LUMEX Avance-25 also incorporates an automatic measuring device to measure the length of a tool when the tool is mounted to the spindle. The tool magazine makes it possible to set up tools externally when the chamber is fi lled with nitrogen so that work effi ciency will be improved.

LUMEX Avance-25

Linear motor driveLUMEX Avance-25

The LUMEX Avance-25 incorporates a linear motor provided with Matsuura's unique control technology to perform high-speed feeding (X/Y: 60 m/min (2.36 ipm) and 30 m/min (1.18 ipm)) and attains high-precision machining.

LUMEX Avance-25

Sintering tableLUMEX Avance-25

Metal laser sintering is processed at this stage. The upper surface of the table is heated to alleviate rapid temperature changes resulting from laser sintering, thus increasing the sintering precision of the LUMEX Avance-25.

LUMEX Avance-25

Yb Fiber LaserLUMEX Avance-25

The LUMEX Avance-25 incorporates a high-efficiency Yb fiber laser of high beam quality. The beam diameter can be reduced to realize high-power, high-resolution processing. The Yb fi ber laser in combination with Matsuura's galvanometer mirror performs finer sintering. Furthermore, the Yb fiber laser ensures ease of maintenance.

LUMEX Avance-25

Squeezing unitLUMEX Avance-25

The squeezing unit is used to supply sintering material (metal powder) to the sintering table. It is possible to specify the operating range of the squeezing unit, which enables speedy squeezing without waste.
【Patent pending】

LUMEX Avance-25

CCD cameraLUMEX Avance-25

The LUMEX Avance-25 incorporates a high-precision CCD camera with dedicated software. Matsuura's visual sensing with feedback technology realizes unprecedentedly high-precision laser sintering.

LUMEX Avance-25

Oxygen concentration and temperature displayLUMEX Avance-25

The metal powder in the chamber becomes very hot during the sintering process. Therefore, the chamber is fi lled with inert gas, such as nitrogen. The concentration and temperature of the oxygen in the chamber are strictly controlled and displayed on the control panel. The LUMEX Avance-25 is provided with a safety function that will alert errors, if any, and stop the operation of the LUMEX Avance-25.

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