What is "Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Manufacturing"?


Molding by repeated laser sintering and high-speed finish machining.

Repeating laser sintering, lamination, and high-speed and high accurate finish machining for molding.
Processing deep slot with no EDM and processing by one process.
It realizes equal dimensional accuracy and surface roughness with machining centers.

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Laminating 0.05mm thick metal powder as a material on a molding and processing table.


2.Laser sintering

The LUMEX Series irradiates the laser beam to sinter the metal powder into the product shape to be bonded to the processing table. After the metal powder is sintered, the LUMEX Series squeezes and supplies metal powder with a thickness of 0.05 mm to form the next layer and sinter all the laminated layers.
Steps 1 and 2 are repeated 10 times. When the thickness reaches 0.5 mm (0.019 in.), the LUMEX Series goes to the stage of milling.



The end mill performs the high-speed milling of the contour of the mold highly precisely to a fi nish.
The LUMEX Series does not cut the product to a finish after all the sintering of the product is finished. Instead, the LUMEX Series repeats the sintering and milling of the product to construct the bottom layer to the top layer, no matter how the internal shape is complicated.

Break-in milling function for squeezing overloads

In a rare case, laser sintering causes an undulating upper surface to a workpiece. If this occurs, the squeezing blade can come in contact with the surface at the time of spreading metal powder, in which case the alarm function of the LUMEX Series may stop the operation of the LUMEX Series. To avoid this, the LUMEX Series is provided with a break-in milling function that automatically cuts and removes the protrusions on the surface so that the LUMEX Series can continue operating.

Automatic tool changing function to replace broken tools

If the tool in use is damaged, this function will automatically replace the tool with a reserved one so that the LUMEX Series can continue operating.

Supporting Metals

Material Name
Maraging Steel Material Matsuura Maraging Ⅱ
Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Matsuura Titanium 6Al4V(*1、*2)
Stainless Steel 630 Matsuura Stainless 630
Stainless Steel 316L Matsuura Stainless 316L
Cobalt Chrome Superalloy Matsuura Cobalt Chrome
Nickel Alloy 718 Matsuura Nickel Alloy 718
NEW!   AISi10Mg NEW!   Matsuura AISi10Mg(*2)

※Use only specified sintering materials. Order required sintering materials from Matsuura Machinery Corporation.
* When using titanium powders, select the option for titanium powders
*1 Argon gas is required.
*2 In case for application of Titanium, select the option of Titanium Specification.

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