Contributing to a significant time reduction and quality improvement.

The LUMEX Series significantly reduces the required designing and production time of mold dies.
Manufacturers can expect a reduction in molding time but also quality improvements in their molds from the 3D placement of water pipes in the mold dies and porous sintering.
The LUMEX Series realizes new molding solutions that conventional mold dies could not.

Molding Examples of an Electric Screwdriver's Grip


Mold die production

Reducing the required time of work to 1/2 and the cost to 1/2 of conventional work methods.
The LUMEX Series designs core mold dies with deep holes and ribs without splitting the mold dies.
The LUMEX Series can make effective use of 3D CAD design data consistently. Furthermore, no electrical discharge processing is required, which greatly reduces the required time of mold die production.


Minimum Number of Partitioning

Conventional methods need much partitioning, electrode design, and EDM, but they are not needed anymore.
Those processes are eliminated and it enables minimum partitioning for integrated-molding and design-change so that work period and cost are reduced.


Performing the sintering of deep ribs with no electrical discharge processing

The LUMEX Series builds up laminations of layers by metal laser sintering and cuts them at high speed, thus making it possible to perform the high-precision machining of deep ribs and thin ribs.
The LUMEX Series allows metal sintering without using electrical discharge processing.


Creation of internal cooling pipes and structures

Setting 3D cooling channels to realize excellent cooling effect.
cooling time is reduced 55%.


Porous sintering for gas venting

The LUMEX Series can freely make sintering density changes for the placement of porous structures and air permeability control without restrictions, thus performing gas venting more effectively than any other machine. Users can expect the reduction of resin fi lling time, prevention of uneven fi lling, and elimination of gas burning.

Improved Molding Quality

Applying porous molding and vent gas.
Molding quality is improved.

It is possible to apply porous molding for gas venting anywhere so that it is possible to eliminate troubles such as gas-burning, weld lines, and sink marks.
Quality improves effectively.

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