Changing common knowledge for mold die making.


No splitting: Create mold die parts in one

The LUMEX Series per forms the sintering of complicated mold dies without splitting them, thus eliminating assembly and adjustment stages and making it possible to produce mold dies with no dimensional errors that may be caused by conventional assembly processes.


Performing the sintering of deep ribs with no electrical discharge processing

The LUMEX Series builds up laminations of layers by metal laser sintering and cuts them at high speed, thus making it possible to perform the high-precision machining of deep ribs and thin ribs.
The LUMEX Series allows metal sintering without using electrical discharge processing.


Creation of internal cooling pipes and structures

The LUMEX Series makes possible the creation of integrated cooling pipes internally on any component, mold or die. Compared to conventional post process cooling pipes, those created on the LUMEX are far superior and effi cient at cooling, contributing to a signifi cant reduction in injection molding time.


Porous sintering for gas venting

It enables to freely set "gas venting" as porous structure by changing settings of laser sintering so that air-flow rate is also freely controlled.
It can be expected to reduce resin-filling time and irregular filling, and to eliminate gas-burning.

See Molding Samples

Shorter Mold-building Time.


A 60% reduction in working hours required for designing through to machining

The LUMEX Series can machine a number of mold dies without splitting them, thus not requiring electrical discharge processing,assembly, or adjustment work. The LUMEX Series greatly reduces the required time of designing and computer-aided machining (CAM) time.
The LUMEX Series saves the required designing time and CAM processing time of mold dies by approximately 23% and 90%, respectively,even if the mold dies have a large number of deep ribs, and reduces the required machining time by at least 50%.
The LUMEX Series saves a total of 61.5% of metal manufacturing time compared with the conventional work method.


Advanced sintering functionality - future proof versatility.

Die Making

Manufacturing highly functional complicatedly shaped dies of integrated construction with ease.

The LUMEX Series is a standalone machine that manufactures high-function dies in a single process with cooling water pipes placed three dimensionally inside the dies.
The dies manufactured by the LUMEX Series are the same with those manufactured by machining centers in dimensional precision, surface smoothness, and life.
Furthermore, the LUMEX Series performs surface treatment, such as nitride treatment and embossed treatment as well.
The LUMEX Series is effective to improvements in the precision of injection molding and molding cycle shortening.

Fan (cavity and core))

Material: Matsuura Steel Ⅰ

Electric screwdriver (head)

Matsuura MaragingⅡ


Material: Matsuura Steel Ⅰ

EV electrical component

Matsuura MaragingⅡ

Molding products of 3D integrated construction

Ideal for molding products that cannot be manufactured by conventional milling and customized products.

The LUMEX Series makes it possible to mold products in shapes that cannot be formed in conventional methods,such as products with deep ribs, 3D meshes, hollows, free-form surfaces, or porous structures to be built into desired positions in a single process. The LUMEX Series can be used to manufacture customized products, such as artifi cial bones.

Mesh structure

Material: Matsuura Titanium


Material: Matsuura Steel

Metal frame

Material: Matsuura Titanium

Artificial bone

Material: Matsuura Titanium

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